Aroon Oscillator 2 Metatrader 5 Forex Indicator Review

The Aroon oscillator is a popular technical indicator used in forex trading to determine the strength and direction of a trend. It was developed by Tushar Chande, an American quantitative analyst and author.

The Aroon oscillator is calculated using two lines, the Aroon up and the Aroon down. The former measures how long it has been since price reached its highest point over a given period, while the latter measures how long it has been since price reached its lowest point.

Aroon Oscillator 2 Metatrader 5 Forex Indicator

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The Aroon oscillator 2 is an updated version of this indicator that has gained popularity among forex traders who use MetaTrader 5 (MT5) for their trading activities. This newer version provides more precise signals by smoothing out market noise. Additionally, it can be customized to suit different trading styles and timeframes, making it suitable for both short-term and long-term traders.

In this article, we will explore what makes the Aroon oscillator 2 such an important tool for forex traders, its advantages over other indicators, as well as how to use it effectively in your trading activities on MT5 platform.

Understanding the Aroon Indicator and Its Importance in Forex Trading

The Aroon indicator is a technical analysis tool that measures the strength and direction of a trend, making it an important component in determining potential trading opportunities in the foreign exchange market.

It consists of two lines – Aroon up and Aroon down – that are calculated using the highest high and lowest low over a specified period of time.

The Aroon up line shows how long it has been since the highest high was reached while the Aroon down line shows how long it has been since the lowest low was reached.

By comparing these two lines, traders can determine whether a trend is gaining or losing momentum.

Interpreting Aroon oscillator signals involves looking at where the two lines intersect.

When both lines are moving in tandem, it suggests that there’s no clear trend in either direction.

However, when one line crosses above or below the other, traders can use this as an indication of a potential trend reversal or continuation.

For instance, if the Aroon up line crosses above the Aroon down line, it may suggest that an uptrend is beginning to gain momentum.

On the other hand, if the opposite occurs and the Aroon down line crosses above the Aroon up line, traders may want to consider shorting their position as a downtrend could be forming.

Overall, understanding how to calculate and interpret signals from this useful indicator can greatly enhance one’s ability to trade effectively on forex markets.

The Advantages of Using the Aroon Oscillator 2

One advantage of utilizing the Aroon Oscillator 2 in forex trading is its ability to provide traders with insights into potential trend changes in the market. By analyzing the difference between the Aroon Up and Aroon Down lines, this indicator can help identify whether a new trend is emerging or if an existing trend is losing momentum. Traders can use this information to make better-informed decisions about when to enter or exit trades.

Backtesting results have shown that incorporating the Aroon Oscillator 2 into a forex trading strategy can lead to improved profitability and reduced risk. However, like any tool, it also has limitations and drawbacks. For example, it may not perform as well in highly volatile markets where trends are constantly changing direction.

Additionally, it should not be used as the sole indicator for making trading decisions but rather as part of a broader analysis of market conditions. Overall, while there are some limitations to using the Aroon Oscillator 2, its advantages make it a valuable tool for forex traders looking to improve their performance.

How to Use the Aroon Oscillator 2 in Your Trading

To effectively incorporate the insights provided by this technical analysis tool into their trading strategies, traders must understand how to interpret the Aroon Oscillator 2’s readings and use them in conjunction with other analytical tools.

One of the ways to apply the Aroon Oscillator 2 is by analyzing it in different time frames. This allows traders to gain a better understanding of market trends and make informed decisions based on long-term or short-term trends. For instance, traders may use higher time frame charts such as daily or weekly charts to identify major trends, while using lower time frame charts such as hourly or 15-minute charts to pinpoint entry and exit points.

Another way to maximize the usefulness of the Aroon Oscillator 2 is by combining it with other indicators for better accuracy. For example, some traders may combine it with moving averages or trend lines to confirm potential buy or sell signals generated by the oscillator.

Additionally, incorporating other technical indicators such as relative strength index (RSI) or stochastic oscillators can also help validate potential trade setups that are detected through the Aroon Oscillator 2’s readings. By using multiple indicators in conjunction with each other, traders can get a more comprehensive view of market conditions and develop effective trading strategies that have high probabilities of success.


In conclusion, the Aroon Oscillator 2 is a useful tool for forex traders who seek to identify trends and potential reversals in the market. Its advantages lie in its ability to provide clear signals through its crossover points and its sensitivity to recent price action.

By incorporating this indicator into their trading strategies, traders can gain an edge in identifying entry and exit points that align with the current trend. However, it is important to remember that no single indicator should be relied upon entirely.

The Aroon Oscillator 2 should be used as part of a comprehensive analysis that includes other technical indicators, fundamental analysis, and market sentiment. With proper use and interpretation, the Aroon Oscillator 2 can be a valuable addition to any trader’s toolkit.

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